Better Sleep

Discover what kids can teach us about sleep this Better Sleep Month.
Teens suffer sleepless nights working on – and worrying about – homework.
Set up an allergen-proof bedroom sanctuary.
You can do these poses on the floor with a yoga mat or towel – or you can do them right on your bed.
Grown-ups aren’t the only ones who sometimes have trouble snoozing. Kids can have difficulty drifting off into dreamland too. Perhaps once they’re in bed they just can’t get comfortable and they’re tossing and turning all night – keeping you both up. Your children’s good sleep revolves around how much they’re getting and how well they’re sleeping once in bed.
Body language can reveal plenty about our inner selves and personalities, even when we’re asleep.
When you wake up each morning refreshed and relaxed, your whole day is already off to a great start. Your bedroom plays a key role in getting the sleep your body needs, but it’s more than just a room for sleeping. It’s also a place where you and your family unwind, so it needs to be comfortable and friendly. Give yourself the gift of better sleep and comfortable living by making over your bedroom into a welcoming place for living and sleeping.
Give your overnight guests a comfortable place to rest their weary heads.
Are your partner’s sleep habits sending you to another bedroom? Discover why more couples are sleeping separately.
Do you find classical music a huge snooze fest? Don’t feel bad – you’re supposed to. Discover the perfect soundtrack for slumber, orchestrated by Lissa Coffey.

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